About us

Our Core Values Are to Deliver the Best Quality Milk


Strongly Committed – Makkah Livestock & Dairy is an independent firm with strongly committed to produce and supply fresh and pure milk on a sustainable base.
Quality of Raw Material – Milk never gets better once it comes out of the cow’s udder. We are committed to keep the quality high and taste of milk as better as the cow is being milked. For this purpose we use high-tech procedures to milk the cattle and process thereafter.
It is Not Just Milk – We get milk from different cattle breeds with different taste and that requires us to keep the milk separately from each of the breed. Different milk types has various properties that can be used in producing milk based products later.
It Should Taste Good – From soil to table, our aim is to keep the milk as pure as it is just milked. A balanced concentrated mixture feed is essential for healthy dairy production and we use a high quality feed for our animals to accomplish our goals.